Oct 5, 2011

Вазен 2011 The water tank

Ове године је дошао на ред базен (резервоар за воду)
Несташице воде нажалост има свакога лета,па смо се одлучили да направимо базен који би служио као резервоар воде.

This year was the turn for the water tank (water reservoir)
Unfortunately, there are often water shortages every summer, so we decided to back up with a water tank that would provide us with water whenever we need it.

Базен је капацитета 7.кубних метара тако да има довољно воде за одмор а када редован водовод,надамо се ускоро стигне у наше село,резервоар може и даље да има улогу скупљача воде за например поливање баште.

The pool has a capacity of 7 m3 so that there's enough water when we spend the holidays there but it would also be enough for every day's life, and we hope that a regular water supply will soon come to our village, and then the tank will still be able to act as a collector of water for watering gardens and fields for example.