Oct 17, 2009

Слатко,паприке и пасуљ - Slatko, Bellpeppers and Beans

У прелепој околини села Градиште,сакупилили смо најбоље купине да би направили ”Слатко”

In the beautiful surroundings of Gradiste (picutre above) we collected a big amount of blackberries and with them we prepared one of the most famous serbian specialty: SLATKO (a very sweet preserve that is served as a welcome in traditional serbian households).

Рецепт за ”Слатко”
7.кг купина,7.кг шећера скувати све док се шећер скроз не истопи и на површини појави пена од купина.

Recipe for Slatko:

7 kg blackberries 7 kg sugar Cook at moderate temperature on a wood-stove until the slatko makes thick drops when it glides from a spoon. While cooking always skin the white foam (it would make the slatko a bit sour). Then fill in clean jars up to 1cm below the rim and seal it very well.

Печење паприка,у Лесковцу и околини тешко је замислити јело без паприка.

Roasted bellpepper: The delicious bellpeppers from the Leskovac area are soon getting its brand status!

Пасуљ: 400 гр пасуља 3 главице црног лука 500гр сувих ребара за запршка: шољица уља, кашика брашна, алева паприка со, бибер, лорбер

Pasulj (Bean Pot): 400 gr beans 3 onions finely chopped 500gr pork ribs or any tasty pork peace even smoked (from the choice of the meet the outcome of a good pasulj can really depend....!) for the roux: 1 tblsp of flour, little cup of oil and paprika powder pepper, salt and bay leaf

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