Feb 7, 2009

Зима у Ковачевој Бари 2009 Winter in Kovaceva Bara

Слике је направио мој пријатељ Јовица,сликане су да дан Светог Стефана у нашем селу.

This are pictures I got from a friend Jovica. They were made the day of St.Stefan,my Patron Saint's day.


  1. Hi, I like your photos a lot. I am a big fan of travelling and taking pictures as well so here I my favourite picture from Norway: http://www.odyssei.com/travel-gallery/99018.html (during the Christmas time, I recommend it).  I think I will come back here, so see ya later!

  2. Hello,thanks for visiting. Unfortunately I can not open your link...maybe you can try again to send it to me.
    See you!

  3. Oh! These pictures are very beautiful, what a peaceful place!!
    Sv. Stefan is also my Patron Saint's Day!

  4. Thanks for comments!